First Week!

January 25, 2016
So my P-day is Tuesday and you would have known if I had got to send the letter that i wrote you when I got here but I never got to the mailing place so yeah. That’s okay. The MTC is amazing! It wasn’t what I expected but it just seems so right. I am already wanting to be out in my mission area. I feel so bad for the missionaries learning a foreign language because they have to be here so much longer. Also, real quick my district is one of the groups that are guinea pigs for a new classroom curriculum that the MTC is starting so yeah. Don’t really know the difference because I haven’t had the other. Anyways, I had Elder Stephen B. Allen, the managing director of the Mission department speak to me on Sunday and it was really good. He spoke to us about locking up our hearts while we are here on our missions. He quoted the scripture from D&C 4 that talks about serving with all our heart and the cool thing was that he had another topic planned but as he was walking in he felt that he needed to talk to us about something else. So it was all on the spot.He talked about how in our letters it said that this was our promise and he said it like this “that’s the contract you wrote.” It was powerful. He talked about how Peter went a fishin and they didn’t catch anything until they cast their nets on the other side. He related that to how Peter’s (“Lovest thou more than these”) these were fish and they were holding him back. And he asked us what our these were holding us back from serving God wholeheartedly.
I should probably tell you about my zone first. So there are three districts and we are district 39A. There are (by companion) Elder Moore and Elder Smith, Elder Larsen and Elder Baize, Sister Bronson and Sister Elizondo, Elder Barnes and Elder Olivo, and Sister West and Sister Leavitt. Elder Olivio is our District Leader and our Zone leaders are now Elder Baize and Larsen because District B left and they had to be released. District B was Elder Galloway and Elder Munson, Elder Van Buren and Elder Quartey, Elder Jensen and Elder Mitton,  Sister Christ (pronounced like sound crisp but with a T at the end) and Sister Dean, Sister Welch and Sister Sundall. The sisters were going to Atlanta Georgia and the Elders are going to Richmond Virginia. District C came in with us and they are Sister Jensen and Sister Barnes, Sister Lowe and Sister Sandall, Elder Camre and Elder Herriott, Elder Chavez and Elder Hartley, Elder Smith and Elder Muir. That’s it. Yay. The sisters in my district plus Sister Jensen and Sister Barnes are all together in my room and then the other two are in another room. My branch president is President Davis and it is a requirement for our zone to be in choir so we are all in choir. No excuses. They do volunteer musical numbers so we have had some that are wonderful. They got skills.
My teachers are Sister Miller and Sister Martin and Sister Miller reminds me of Emma except blonde. It is really weird but I love her and she has taught me so much. We also watched the Character of Christ video by Elder Bednar and it was about how Christ turns outward when we would turn inwards. (Like with the soldiers ear, or when he had fasted for forty days and was tempted by Satan) Elder Bednar challenged us to find others of them. But it was really good.
I taught members on Friday and then yesterday was our first day of doing the unknowns in the TRC center. The one went well in that we know one thing that is holding her back but the other did not go so well. She was really sad and was having a rough week. I am praying for both of them to know what message they need to hear that the spirit needs to teach them. Which talking about teaching, learned that we are just the vessel and the spirit is the teacher. Our job is to be worthy and not get in the way. Well that is the condensed version. I have just been learning so much on how to become a better helper in invite and helping people come unto Christ because we aren’t there to convert them, we are there to help them convert themselves by giving them the tools to create their relationship with God. It is so neat.
Let’s see, what else….one thing is that if you are sharing the gospel and are finding it hard to do, talk about Jesus Christ because he is the center and he is what it is all about. He made it all possible and it just simplifies all that we could ever think to say.
It snowed on Sunday and that was pretty great because Elder Moore is from California and had never experienced this kind of snow before. It was really cool. On Sunday we got to walk to the temple and that was really cool. I did  take pictures but I can’t send them to you. Later I will though so don’t worry.
Also, on Wednesday we got to listen to the WW Missionary Broadcast and that was really cool and then this Sunday we had a general sister’s meeting and had all the sisters in one meeting. It was really cool. Also we learned about how members actually increase the possibility of baptisms. Like it is proven that when members are involved, more baptism occur. And we also learned, they really stressed this that our purpose is to teach repentance and baptize converts. Anyways, there is much to do today so I will talk to you next week and yeah.
Also, mom I get to call you before I leave to Oregon but I don’t know when so hopefully next week I will know. Oh also I am only here for two weeks and i will leave February 3. In the morning at like 3:30. Not looking forward to the early part but the leaving yes. Anyways, love you all lots and I hope that your days are filled with Christ’s light and love.
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to return to live with our Father in Heaven and that he has provided all that we need to return to Him. I know that we can feel his love in our lives when we pray and that he does answer prayers.
Until next week,
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem

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