February 2, 2016 at MTC

Good Morning Family,

I am glad Hyrum is doing better this week, at least with sleeping. I hope his breathing gets better and that spring comes fast this year. I am ready for it.
That is super cool that you are going to the Family History class. We learned this week in In-Field Orientation how we can bring family history into conversations and how that could be a starting point because it is now one of the largest hobbies in the world. I totally forgot that it was 5th Sunday because we just had our zone for sacrament. We don’t have anyone else to combine with. However, since this was our last Sunday they had the district leaving sing a song. We sang If You Could Hie To Kolob. It was fun. We talked about Baptism in Sacrament and Relief Society plus Faith in Jesus Christ. In our district meeting we sent around papers with the names of everyone in our district and wrote nice things on them about that person. It was really cool and some of the things on there I hadn’t seen in myself but apparently they show. They told us it was for whenever we were feeling down or needed some encouragement.
That is super cool about the Book of Mormon because that is what we are teaching from and trying to get our investigators to read from. It truly is a record of the people in the Americas and their relationship.interactions with Jesus Christ. It is truth and it was brought forth for our days so we could now of the fullness of the gospel. That is so much fun. I am reading from the beginning because I haven’t really started there in a while and my scriptures aren’t marked yet so it is really cool to see what catches my attention this time around.
I am glad that your classes are going so well. I asked you that in my letter this week so you can ignore that part if you would like.
I am glad that Richard was able to stay on at Kmart and I am sure that he will figure out what to do with school. He really is quiet about that and I sometimes wonder if he has already done something and then just tells people different things. Who knows.
Yay! I am glad that you got my letters! I was super excited to send them off finally. I hope Hyrum enjoyed the back of his letter. Thanks for sending me those things and I did think about the sim card thing but you can’t do it at the MTC. It doesn’t allow you. Hopefully the ones in my mission area will allow me to send you the pictures because I really want you to know who I am talking about. They are all so amazing. If you can’t find the cord just let me know and I will buy a new one out in the field.
I attended a Sister’s Conference on Sunday last week. That meant that we had to attend the New Sister Orientation this week even though we only had three days left. It was kinds helpful but really I am leaving and I knew most of what they told me already. That is a really cool way to apply what you learn at the meetings and make it more meaningful to you. I might have to apply this and in fact I am because of the speaker that we had on Sunday which I will tell you about later.
I know.(eight sisters going to Salem, Oregon) It is super exciting but there are even more Sister’s heading out there because I met more during In-field Orientation. That was an all day thing where we talked about things that would be helpful out in the mission field and then we would split into groups and then apply what we heard. It was super helpful. We talked about having high expectations because the Lord has prepared people for us and we need to have the vision and willingness to find them and bring them into the gospel. Many people out of consideration or just to not dash people’s hearts will tell them don’t expect too much or things along those lines but they told us that this is wrong and false doctrine. President Hinckley gave a statement many years ago that the number of converts could be doubled what they were then if we had the willingness to approach the Lord and to find his people. We have actually dropped from where we were then by like 50,000 people I think. I will have to check that number.
I avoided talking about food for that exact reason. It is good but they have been having weird things some of these days where I am like I just want the plain and simple food, none of this fancy stuff. I was able to attend the temple last P-day and I am going again today.
The speaker this week was Elder Richardson and he talked about being a REAL missionary. It was super cool and amazing and he basically said that everything we need to be a REAL missionary was given to us the first day in our mission calls. I loved it so much and he said that good enough is not enough for Israel, the Lord needs mighty men and women with vision to complete his work. It was powerful and awesome. He teaches or is the Vice President of Advancement at BYU. I will have to tell you more about that one later.
Choir was amazing. I loved Brother Aget, he is a spiritual giant and understands the gospel so much. I loved learning from him. The choir went well and it was fun. I love being in choir. We got to watch clips from The Other Side of Heaven because he was telling us how this song actually was written. Pretty cool story.
Thanks mom for forwarding those emails. I was hoping you would. I would love the pictures.
I am glad that you haven’t had to deal with all our snow. It has snowed three days straight(almost) and I am ready for some blue skies.
I have to go because my companion is already done and it is lunch time but I really did have a wonderful week and learned ever more. I will miss my teachers greatly and my district. I will write more in the paper letter that I will send off hopefully today.
Just so you know we are allowed to call home when we are at the airport tomorrow morning so I don’t exactly know when that will be but my flight is supposed to leave at 8:40 so probably sometime before that. Since I only have your number memorized it will be your phone so please answer.
Love you guys so much and miss you. Give Hyrum hugs and kisses from me please.
Sister Elizondo

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