Many travels

Good Morning Family and Others,

Things in Sweet Home are pretty great. I am getting to know the area better and not be so lost. There is a street here called Long and it does not lie. I am pretty sure it goes throughout the length of the town and that is when it confuses me. Anyways, it’s fun.

Sunday was good. We had a high councilman this Sunday and he talked to us about the Plan of Salvation but I can’t really remember anything other than he talked about the silversmith and that is one of my favorite stories. The first speaker talked about the tender mercies of the Lord. All Sunday was like talking about adversity and how we can persevere and how it helps us grow. There was this one lady in Relief Society who talked about the rod and how the opposition in our forward movement is Satan and his forces. When we move backward it is our loved ones who are pushing us forward. I never thought of it that way until she said that. It was really cool. Then she told about when we stand still there is no opposition because we are making no progression and that is one of the greatest blessings Father gave us. The ability to progress. Satan wouldn’t work on us then because we aren’t doing anything that would oppose him. It was really good.

Sunday never really seems like Sunday because we still are going out and about talking to people and having lessons. Our one investigator that we teach on Sundays (standing appointment) talked last week about knowing that he needed to get baptized and then this week he talked about a date so we are super excited about that because we might have a baptism in March. Yay!

Interesting things that happened this week. What didn’t happen this week. We had zone p-day in Albany where we ate pizza and played some games (like volleyball and basketball). It was really fun to just meet the other missionaries (I think we were three districts) and get to know them a little better. We carpooled with Sister Bennett and Sister Norton. Then on Tuesday we had new missionary training in Lebanon so it was Brownsville (Sister Bennett and Sister Norton) and the Zone leaders who were there with us. We talked about conversion through the Holy Ghost. It is one of the fundamentals in our 12 week training. It was a good experience. Then on Wednesday we had a normalish day. Then on Thursdaywe had zone conference in Salem! It is like an hour drive from where we are but it was good. We cleaned our car the day before during lunch and then it rained like crazy that same afternoon so it was still pretty clean but we were like really. We did get I think it was third place in the Lightening McClean Award though. So we got Froot Loops as our prize. President Samuelian talked to us about powerful things. The speakers all were so connected and it was great. Elder Fisher did the white handbook training and he talked about our callings and how we can’t be the person we were before we came out. We have to change and become the generation that stands and ushers in the coming of Christ. Which is one thing that President really stresses to us. The message that he is feeling we need to know is that Christ is coming and now it is sooner than later. The work is hastening and we have to become that generation. It was really good. Then Sister Summers did PMG training and talked about our purpose and how we were each called individually by Christ to be a representative of Him. My mind was blown. It didn’t stop there because Sister Samuelian talked to us about how we can learn about being a great team of missionaries by studying geese. Yes, you heard that right. It was all about how together we can be a powerful force and that we strengthen each other. Then President Samuelian talked about how it is not about you while we are on our missions. We are already to Christ, while we are out here we have to bring our brothers and sisters to Christ. That is just a part of what they taught us but it was powerful and inspiring. Me and my companion also had some thoughts about how we can help our area increase in doing better with missionary work. For lunch we had taco salad and chicken enchiladas. They were volunteers from one of the wards and it was really good. Then they did awards and birthdays. Yes they went through April I think so I got to go up and get a gift and get sung to. I got a temple recommend holder that has our motto on it and a picture of the rock. It is super cool.

We ran into a woman, named Melissa, at Manna, which is a program at another church that has free meals for people that are in need of it where we go to help out once each week, but we aren’t allowed to proselyte. Then she ran into the Elders in Lebanon who referred her back to us so we are going to go meet with her hopefully this afternoon.

This week a lot of our investigators cancelled on us so we walked around a lot and are trying to clean out our area book while also hoping to find new investigators while doing that. We have only had one possible potential from it but we have to set up with them still.

We did find a possible potential but we aren’t meeting with him again until later this week and I won’t be there for it because I will be on transfer over in Oak Creek with Sister Shumway. The people we are teaching though are doing great.

I read that talk that you are going to teach about just the other day. It was really good. (Why the Church by Elder D. Todd Christofferson)

I am glad that you are all doing better this week. I just got your letter today. Thank you. I realized that I don’t have a copy of our insurance cards and they stressed at zone conference that we should so if you could make a copy of the one I left with you and send that to me that would be awesome. Thank you for the information. I was planning on buying super glue today and then I will try to see about getting in and what not.

The people here are really great and the ward missionaries are such a great help.

I would just like to thank you mom and dad for not getting into debt with credit cards and other such things. And also for getting married in the temple and staying active. And also for somehow keeping all of us crazy children in the church. As I have been out here I see a lot of things that make me realize we are truly blessed. So thank you for being awesome parents and loving God.

So this is a question for Dad. We have an investigator who we are trying to help him get the priesthood and we wanted to know how holding the priesthood and being the patriarch of the home has blessed you and what difference it has made in your life and in the home. Kinda like that. He is a father and some of the things he is going through right now we know that the priesthood would be a blessing for him. Also, just maybe what it means to you and just I don’t know. Whatever you feel like would be important to share with someone of how the priesthood blesses families and how it changes you by being a holder of it. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts.

Say hi to everyone for me there and tell them that I am doing well.

That’s all I can think of right now. I will write more in my letter I guess.

I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God who restored the gospel to the earth. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today and that he was called by God to lead the church.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it truly is the most correct book on the earth. I know that as we more fully understand our purpose here on earth, our testimonies will increase, our faith will grow, and our desire to share the gospel will increase. I know that through small and simple things are great things brought to pass and I share this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you all,

Sister Elizondo

Salem Oregon

Keep the Faith


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