This week felt like two. . .

Hello Family and Friends!,

Happy Leap Day! I am so excited for March because that means springtime and already we have had less rain and more sunshine, or at least not as much rain. It has been a beautiful week which means we were walking more.
I had exchanges this week which were awesome. I was over in Oak Creek with Sister Shumway and she is an amazing missionary. I loved getting to learn from her and she taught me a lot. i had a lot of questions as well and she was a trooper for answering them all. I learned that even the unexpected can be potential investigators or just someone with a knowledge of God even if they don’t entirely believe. We were walking around at the time that school was getting out and we talked with some of them and one of them really was interested and answering our questions. It was really neat to see that.
I also learned that we don’t always have to be rushing about. I felt like we were constantly running late in Sweet Home and always rushing from one place to the next and Sister Shumway taught me how to slow down and that it is not a race. We have a schedule but if we plan well, then it  flows really nicely. She was really fun to do exchanges with.
It was also really cool because there are like 4 areas that touch in her area and two other sets of sisters are there so we had lunch with one set of them. It was really cool because we normally eat lunch alone because we are one of the farther out areas where the closest is Brownsville and we don’t have miles to go over everyday. It was just really fun. I learned a lot from them.
I got back to my area and was so excited to put ideas into affect. Some of them have stuck but others might not happen for awhile. We all learn differently.
We had ward conference this past Sunday. They have been focusing on Sabbath Day Observance and the importance of it in our lives. One Sister made a comment in Relief Society about when the Proclamation on the Family came out it was common sense and yet about 20 years later it is being challenged. She then said what might the circumstances be in 20 years that we will look back on this counsel about the Sabbath Day and see where we are. It made me think that we really need to take this seriously.
We are getting closer with Tim who is an investigator who has expressed the desire to be baptized but doesn’t want to set a date yet.
We also got a referral from the Elder’s about a woman who is kinda interested in the church. We went and saw her on Thursday and she knows a lot about every religion and has even investigated the church at one point already. She was bringing up things from our beliefs and others and asking questions. It was good but we ran late (not good because we scheduled her as the last one for the day) and it was a little overwhelming because we have to make up a lot of ground from her past experience with members in the church. We are hopeful though.
We also have another woman who is interested but she is going through a stressful time because her husband passed away so we are going to wait a little while before we jump into set lessons. Right now we are just sharing messages and helping her in the small ways that we can. She has already been coming to church though and she has been asking other LDS people questions so we are super excited for when we will be able to dive in.
Other than that we are just trying to remind the members of the mission plan and set a vision so we know where we are going and what we want to see happen. We learned that we did have a ward mission plan that nobody really remembers so we are trying to reactivate it and help the members get excited about missionary work. There are willing people but they just don’t know how to go about doing it so we are thinking of ways we can help and just doing service when we can.
I am doing well otherwise and just trying to become a better missionary. I am constantly learning more and also acknowledging what I have learned. It is hard sometimes but it is rewarding when I get to see the changes in people’s lives. There is one family that we are working with and they are just so excited and the light in their eyes is so apparent. They are ready but they still have some things to get through. It is so exciting though and they truly are wonderful.
I also had zone training meeting right before exchanges and that was really awesome. We talked about purpose and being built on the doctrine of Christ. It was really good.
That’s all I have time for this week so until next time,
Love you all,
Sister Elizondo

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