Marching forward

Hello Family,

I am doing great! Another week has come and gone and March came with it. That is crazy. The work is going well. Today was a tough week but it was good too. It was tough because we has so many cancellations this week, that were just like one right after the other on stop ins and on scheduled visits. However, we were able to see people that we hadn’t for awhile and that made it better.

We found one new person that we started teaching right now. We taught her the plan of salvation this past week and she seemed to understand it. I can’t remember if I told you about her last week but she has researched a lot of religions and knows quite a bit. It is always interesting to talk with her and this week we scheduled to meet earlier so maybe it will play out just right this time. We also ran into two new people who we are going to try and turn into investigators. We ran into one right after district meeting which was awesome because we had been talking about OYMing (opening your mouth) and we had a moment. It was crazy, awesome, and a miracle.
The second one we ran into walking back from someone we were going to try to start up lessons with again because they had asked for a break but they weren’t home. She said that she had two sister’s knock on her door before but we are going to see if with the passing of time she might be ready now to hear about the gospel.
We were hoping to have this man called Jerry become a new investigator but he had his own code that he lived by and even though he was open to hearing what we had to say he said that he was happy with what he had and the way he was living. It was a good discussion though and he is a good person. I just wish sometimes that they could see how much better the Lord could make them.
This is what I am working on personally this week. Or at least one of the things. I am trying to figure out a door approach that would excite people or interest them in learning more about our religion. Knocking on doors or running into people here in Sweet Home is interesting because almost all of them attend  church or have tried out religion and its just not for them. We ask them about their belief in Christ or God and how that affects them but then it is like where to go from there. What makes us so different that they would want to change and hear about this other religion when it seems to have what they already have or do. It is a slow process and I am learning but I am missing a connection that I can’t quite grasp or convey to the people we meet. Anyways, enough about that.
I superglued my glasses and so far they are holding up so I am going to play it by ear right now. It has been really nice being able to see again.
I am remembering more and more names and realizing that there are more people in the ward. It is like every week that passes by I realize more people that I hadn’t noticed before. It is cool and I really like my ward. They are such sweet spirits and they are so willing to help and feed us. Don’t worry I am getting fed. Which I guess leads into the boys question. The food is good. I got Salmon for the first time this week and it was really good. I had like a casserole with tatertots and other such things. It was good but sometimes I want the recipe then because I want to have it for like future stuff you know and that is just a weird question so i don’t ask them. But yeah. Though I have had potato salad twice I think and both times they were different and really good. There you go.
Also, I guess another few things I could tell about is that I helped clean out a trailer this past week and later this week we will be painting. I’m super excited about that. Also, we had a really good lesson with one of our other investigators this week and we felt like we made really good progress with him. We are hoping to make some big changes but with little steps to help him and his family have the desire to come to church.
I am glad that things are going well and that they have calmed down. That is crazy about Dallin and Michelle but I hope that they are doing well. I heard it snowed down there last week or something like that. That is awesome that Dad shared his testimony this past week. Up here they already had microphones out and they have young men that take them to some people down in the audience. It was strange that first week but now you know that Nampa is not the only place to do it.
All of the emails this week were so helpful and answered some of my questions that I had. This is crazy but awesome. I don’t know about anything else. I have just been keeping busy and trying to learn and grow more even sometimes when it is hard. In our adjusting to missionary life book it says that sometimes we just have to start doing the thing that we don’t want to, to get into it. It truly does help because once I am started it is okay. This only happens sometimes but it is a good skill for life.
Yay about the camera cord. That is super awesome. I am so excited to send you pictures. This might mean I will have to start taking more.
I go to the church family history center in our church building to do my emails so no worries about holidays. Why?
One experience about this past week….well there is this less active family that we are working with and this past week we visited them because they had been sick and we helped the two boys with their math homework. It was algebra and that was fun to try and remember how to do that. It has been a few years. We figured it out though. We also shared the video about the dad cooking salsa when the mom is gone and he has two kids. It was a cute video and we actually got the boys to watch it. They are twins in their teens and they are pretty great. We then challenged them to have family prayer. It was good. That was my experience that we will say falls into one of those three categories.
Anyways, I love you all and miss you. I know that I am doing the Lord’s work though and that I am where I am supposed to be. I know that the Book of Mormon truly answers questions and concerns and can even give you comfort. I know that President Monson is a true prophet called of God to lead the work in these latter days and I know that God established a church because it was the best way he could think of to help his people learn and grow while here on Earth. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and that with his Atonement I can be cleansed of my sins through repentance, comforted when in times of struggle, and strengthened in times of weakness. I know this to be true and I leave that with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Sister Darcie Elizondo
Salem Oregon Mission

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