Dear familia,
Yes yesterday was the first day of spring. I was super excited for that but Oregon, true to form, celebrated by raining and making up for the last three days with no rain and sunshine. It was great.
Happy Early Anniversary! That is super exciting mom and dad. 30 years is big and I am so glad that you are still together and strong in the gospel and strong together. I consider this to be one of the greatest blessings Heavenly Father has given me. So thank you and I hope you enjoy your day at the temple.
I hope you have a good time at your workshop. It will be a neat experience.
So, this week has been pretty crazy. So far I have done two trainings (one in District meeting and one at Zone Training Meeting) that was not this week but I wanted to catch up a little bit. Anyways, let’s see…I had district meeting on Tuesday where it was the last one where we would all be together because transfers are tomorrow. We also “killed” off one of the Elders and he is leaving on Wednesday to go home. Half of my district is getting transferred and one of the areas is getting whitewashed. They are both leaving the area and we are getting a whole new set of Elders. I am also pretty sure we are getting new zone leaders or at least one. Super sad because Elder Heywood is a super powerful and amazing missionary and I learned a lot from him and Elder Fisher. But the Lord knows what he is doing.
Later that day I invited someone to be baptized for the first time and it was super awkward but they did accept. Kinda. They said they had already been baptized but they would be baptized again if we felt like she needed to be so we have to go and teach more about that but yeah. It was good.
Then on Wednesday we got to drive to Newberg because I got my i-pad! Apparently, since I got my i-pad this means I can really teach. Or so the missionaries were teasing me about it. Whatever. It was like a 2 hour drive there and back but we only got lost when we first arrived there but we made it. It was good. They gave us training that applies throughout all our lives on how to use technology effectively but also so that we are in control and the masters instead of the other way around. They told us that this training was truly to save souls and of that I believe. If we prepare and set safeguards up then we can avoid the trap that Satan would have us fall in to with the great blessing of technology. It was really good and I wish that everyone could truly have this training. But I will say that what President Samuelian and Sister Samuelian told us about how this training came about and what all went into it, this is serious business and we have to learn how to use this technology righteously and spread the skills on to others. It was amazing. Anyways, that was most of Wednesday. Just so you know, we are a weird mission because most others give them their i-pads right when they came out but President changed it for us so we don’t get it until 6 weeks in.
No new investigators. We actually got dropped by one which was sad but it is okay. We are working on finding this week and really getting out to talk to people. But, last night we got Tim on date for baptism and that was super awesome! He is so ready and we know that he can be ready by the date that he set and that it will truly help him in his life. It was awesome. Service projects haven’t been that crazy. We do Manna every week but we have been looking for other things to do as well. This week we moved wood from one place to a more convenient place for some former investigators. Then we also swept one of our investigators porch for them. She wasn’t home when we did it but it was fun and it was one of the sunny days. It was really neat. Elder Soderborg (our DL) challenged us on St. Patrick’s Day to find two new investigators and Sister Densley and I truly tried. We talked to many people and we felt like we were in the right area but we aren’t sure if we found who we were supposed to. We will go again though to that area. It was really good and there was just joy at the end of that day. I felt like I had really done what I needed to that day and it made me realize that this work truly is joyous.
Any interesting experiences this week? Well, Elder Michael L. Murray spoke to us at our stake conference and his talk on Sunday was about the hokey pokey. Kind of. It had to do with the last verse where we put our whole selves in. We have to put our all into the gospel. That is what truly changes us. He talked a lot about how we are all ordinary people called to do extraordinary things with God. The leaders in their callings and those we look to in the church, are all ordinary people who have done extraordinary things with God. It was really neat. He has a great sense of humor and he really got that we are all people who make mistakes but if we give our all to God, we can become better. One of the things he quoted was from Elder Eyring and it was, “if the foundation of faith is not embedded in our hearts, the power to endure will crumble. It was really amazing. I will write more in my letter hopefully about the one on Saturday because it was amazing. My mission president and his wife spoke on Saturday and they were really good too. I loved it. Really needed it and am so excited about women’s conference and the General conference.
Oh, also we got a new phone this week because they switched networks and we have been having fun correcting all our contacts because they transferred funnily.
I have a tender mercy but I don’t think I want to share that one yet. But I had one this week and it testified to me that the Lord takes care of his servants and he is aware of each of us individually. Also that there are people in this world that are truly wonderful and love God.
Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic spring break and are doing well. Don’t go too crazy. Love you lots.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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