Dear Familia,

I am doing pretty great! I don’t have much time today but I had an amazing Easter and this week has been pretty awesome. We had transfers this past week and we even had some sisters pink wash an area that had elders previously. What is fun is that one of the sister’s has been in this stake before but in a different area. It was cool.
We did have a ward choir sing on Sunday and I was even in it. My whole two practices ish totally prepared me for that but it was good. I think I did pretty good, or at least I didn’t make them sound bad. It was fun. I had dinner with the Tolman’s and that was super fun. Their daughter had the idea that Christ called his apostles when they were fishing so we should have fish. And blue jello (for the water). It was really good.
I also had exchanges this week and I stayed in Sweet Home with Sister Summers. Really interesting that you mention Monmouth because that is one of the areas that Sister Summers served in previously. That is really cool though. Small world. I learned a lot from her. One of the things I learned was that sometimes we don’t get the answer we want but we get the one we need. (insert the part from the other email that I will send from i-pad).
The zone is doing well and we are just all adjusting to each other and learning from the new missionaries in our district.
I can’t think of anything that I need…oh I remember. I got an email last week about the absentee ballot thing and since it came from the first presidency I figured I should try and be a participant citizen and vote. I don’t know though because I probably wouldn’t be able to understand it because I have never voted before. I guess if you think I should then could you get that for me and if you feel like its okay that I not just don’t worry about it. Also tell Sister White that I am so sorry about the letter. It has been busy and I just haven’t had time to write it. I hope her lesson went well though. I will hopefully have more time next week. Love you lots!
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission
 Spiritual thought: From women’s conference I felt like some of those speakers had been reading my mind but I really liked what each of them had to say about serving within your capacity. We all have the responsibility to serve those around us and we all have good intentions. We just have to be aware of what we can do and then do it. Also, not to look for the big things in life, rather the small things that will make a difference in someone’s life even if the world won’t hear about it. It helped me think about what I can do as a missionary to change how I see service. It changed my perspective. 🙂

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