This week I learned that we don’t always get the answer we want but we get the one we need. I am now starting week nine of my mission out in the field. It is strange to think I have been out this long. Well, to me it is long. It is going by quicker than I could have anticipated but slower than you might think. However I have heard that the first three months are the longest and after sending home an Elder last transfer it really will fly by.

This week I had exchanges. Exchanges are where a sister training leader switches with your companion for a day( or close to it. My area is somewhat farther than the others so we can’t do it for the full 24 hours). So I stayed in my area with Sister Summers while my companion went to Albany with Sister Shumway for her exchange. I learned so much and this was only my second exchange. It amazes me on how much i learned from both of them. This is where it comes in that I got the answer that I needed. I had been struggling with something that I wanted to work on during that exchange and during it, I was brought to the realization that the Lord had given me trials and helped me grow into the person I was now, not to float by easily on my mission but to use what I have learned to become the person I am to bless those around me and be that example. I was not here to have an easy mission that wouldn’t change me. I am here to become the missionary God needs me to be. That meant using the skills I had previously acquired and past experience. God gave me these things because he knew I would accept them and adapt with the knowledge that he would help me along the way as long as I sought his guidance. Let me tell you that prayer is like a staple for a missionary. This is how I seek his guidance along with scripture study and pondering. And this week I got my answer through this wonderful STL. God truly does answer prayers

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