To Portland – the Temple: April 11

Portland April 2016

Hi Mom and Familia,

I am doing good. It has been a pretty awesome week filled with miracles! I will get to those in a minute.
On Thursday I got to attend the Portland Temple and that was fun. We had to get a member ride because it is outside of our mission. We went with our ward missionaries and we were so grateful that they were willing to give us a ride. The Portland temple is so pretty and – fun fact, it doesn’t have any windows in it. It was so peaceful at the temple. That is what I love about it. It was really neat to go with the other missionaries in my zone and see some of the new missionaries that I hadn’t seen yet since transfers occurred and we haven’t had ZTM. That’s on this Tuesday. I was talking with Sister Summers and she was telling me that the peace we feel at the temple we can feel in our apartments and homes too. It takes work but it is possible. That is a goal me and my companion want to work towards. Afterwards, we got to go to Deseret Book for 15 minutes and I got some pictures. It was cool. I can’t believe it will be six more months before I can go again but it will go by faster than I think.
Going back to the miracles I mentioned. This week we went and stopped by a potential investigator in our area book that we had tried to contact before and they told us we could come back. So we did and they were there and let us in. We are going back to teach her a sit down lesson in two weeks (first time we both had open) and that was super exciting. She already has a strong faith in Jesus Christ and she has a sweet spirit. Super excited to start teaching her.
The other miracle was that we got another of our investigators to set a baptism date! We have been working with her because she had said no before and she told us that she had a block but didn’t know what it was. We have been praying for her and we had invited her to pray about it and this past week she said yes. We finally figured out what the block was and we helped her get past it. It was amazing and just testified to me that prayer works. She set the date for May 7 and we are super excited! Her name is Thalia and she is awesome.
This week it has been truly apparent to me that God answers prayers. Sister Densley and I have been praying for some things and this week we just seemed to rock at it. We have been working for it and praying and finally we are seeing the fruits of our faith. Sometimes prayers aren’t answered right away but they take time. Just don’t give up because I am telling you right now that God really hears and answers your prayers if you desire it. There have been other things but this was the big one this week.
Tim, one of our other investigators, is getting baptized on the 23 of April so we have been working with him to reach that date and we are going strong. It has been super exciting seeing the change in him as he has learned, accepted, and applied the teachings of Christ in his life. He has grown so much and still has that desire to learn more. We went over the baptismal interview questions with him this past week and it was so funny because he did amazing, he knows the stuff, but he wanted a copy of the questions so he could study. He kept saying he was going to make a “cheat sheet” and we told him that he didn’t need one. It was just saying what he knew. He is nervous about it still but we will just keep encouraging him. He is doing great though.
Anyways, that is great that you are feeling better. I am glad. It is no fun to be sick. Also, I am glad that Emma got to come home for a little while. Those weeks were always great but not long enough. She will do fine though. I got Cassandra’s pictures from their trip to Rochester, NY,  and that looks like so much fun. I am glad that you guys got to go and visit all those places. We learned about Joseph Smith this week in Relief Society and it must have been truly amazing to be at those places where miracles occurred. That is so neat. I hope you guys have an awesome week and know that I love you guys and I know that you have angels looking out for you right now. They are all around us.
I guess my spiritual thought for this week is about miracles. It was in a training we had a little while ago and one of the missionaries taught that we can have miracles in our lives. The only thing is that we have to ask and have faith. We just have to ask. We are always told that the Lord is waiting to bless us so perhaps the thing standing in our way is ourselves. We just need to ask and we can receive. He is waiting for us. I know that if you ask for miracles in your lives that you will see them. I have tried it in my life and seen the result and if you have the faith and the courage then you can find the blessings in your lives too.
I know that this gospel is Christ’s gospel restored to the earth through his prophet Joseph Smith. I know that through applying his teachings in our lives we can find sublime joy in our lives and peace in our souls.  I know that The Book of Mormon truly testifies of Christ and can bring us closer to Him than any other book. I know that God loves us and knows each of us individually. I know that the Lord wants to bless us and that we just need to reach out to Him.
I hope you all see miracles in your lives this week and I will talk to you next week.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission
Portland, Oregon Temple


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