The Lovely Month of May

Dear Familia,

I wanted to say May the Fourth be with you. Heheheheh. Okay I just
jumped ahead by like two days but it had to be said. Transfer calls
happened on Saturday evening and…..I am staying in Sweet Home.
However, my companion, Sister Densley is not. We have the transfer
meeting on Tuesday this week so we will be out in Salem to do that. So
next week I will have a new companion when I write you. And talk to
you. I am excited to get a new companion but I am also sad to be
losing Sister Densley. She is pretty awesome and she is a very caring
and positive person. I will miss her.

Right now we are in the middle of packing, or rather she is and I am
going to be cleaning. We are also hoping to go hiking today with the
sisters in our district. I got to paint this week! I was super excited
about it. It was like part of a hallway and some doors but it was

The people here say that if you don’t like the weather in Oregon just
wait five minutes. So far, I have found this to be mostly true.
However, I will say that it has been very nice outside lately but we
have had those rainy days. We saw lightning the other day and I heard
thunder. That was pretty epic. Big storm that night. It has settled
into a pattern of cool mornings and evenings and usually warm days.

Tim is doing awesome. He is the one that got baptized and they already
have a calling in mind for him. He hasn’t been called yet though so I
can’t tell you about it. We have one baptism for May that we are
excited about. She is a daughter of members but she is nine so it is a
convert baptism. The other one we set for May we are actually going to
have to move because she isn’t ready. We are trying to get to know her
family better to help with her progress but it is hard to meet with
her and then them because of it. We are not giving up though, because
we know great things are in store.

We were walking the other day and turned down a dead end street and
knocked on a door and met a mother and her two children. We talked
with her a little bit and then we asked her if she would like to learn
more. She said that she would want to talk to her  husband because he
is the religious one and then see so we will go back and visit her to
follow up. We are super excited because they would be a new family
that we are teaching. They also seem so ready and open for the gospel.
That was just kinda a random but awesome experience. It was a new road
that we tried.

We also got to give a referral to the ASL sisters this week. We have
an individual who had been taught before but he is deaf. He can read
lips but it was hard for them to communicate. Our missy leader met him
again this past Easter and from there he had been working on getting
him taught. We finally heard about the ASL sisters and they met him to
past Saturday. That was super awesome to be able to help out with
getting him in contact.

This past Sunday we got to help out with this new program that our
Bishop started up that he got from another Ward. It is like a pre MTC
where the youth learn lessons and then go out and teach them. They
started off on the restoration this week and then went into members
homes where they taught the lesson. The members pretended that they
were investigators. We don’t know how all of them went and won’t until
the next time but  are hoping to hear good things. First time though
so we figured out exactly what we are doing. This is super exciting

That is super fun that you are talking about opposition in all this
because me and my companion taught about the freedom to choose in
gospel principles this past week. Opposition is needed to grow and
that’s why we have agency to choose between them. Crazy how that

I can’t believe Hyrum only has like four weeks left that is crazy.
That means that school is ending here soon for the public schoolers.
There are a good majority that go to the charter school and I don’t
think they end until June.

Also, don’t tell mom…..just kidding…I know you are the one reading
the email right now. Next week is Mothers Day. May 8th. Which means I
get to call home. However, I don’t know how exactly it will work out
yet. I have church at 10 and I can’t exactly remember when you all
have church but it will most likely be at like 3 onward your time
which is 2 my time I think. I can skype you too, however I do not have
your skype address thing so if you would like to create one and then
send me a letter about it so I get it before Sunday, then I can skype
you on Mothers Day. That will be exciting!

I am good with shoes still, not too much walking yet but I can see
that changing with the weather. And I can’t think of anything else
that I need.

I love you lots and I hope that you are all doing well.


Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

Spiritual thought: One thing I learned this week in district meeting
is that striving means to struggle. So when we are enduring to the end
and striving to become more like Christ, we will struggle but that’s
okay. As long as we are moving forward, towards Christ we are moving
in the right direction. We will struggle because it is part of
enduring but we will always have God with us. So while going through
life, if you find that you are struggling, just remember that that is
what striving is. You are doing good. 🙂


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