June 13, 2016

Good Morning Mom and Familia,

I am doing awesome!

To calm all your anxious thoughts about transfers, I will tell you
straight that I am staying in Sweet Home and so is my companion.
Sadly, the rest of my district did not fair so well.
All of them are getting split and we are getting a new district
leader. It will be good though and I am excited to see who will come

This week started off with making cookies. We went around and
delivered cookies to some of our investigators, members, and others
that we met while tracting. It was really fun and they all appreciated
them. It helped them know that there are people out there that care
about them. My companion and I had been planning this for awhile but
it came into fruition this past week.

Later in that week we also saw the fruition of another plan. We
created a small tomato garden for one of our investigators but the way
it came about was drops of miracles along the way. A couple weeks ago
we were at our assistant ward mission leader’s house and he was
getting rid of flower boxes that had been on his fence. This sparked
the idea of doing something for our investigator Randy who loves to
garden but when he moved, he no longer had a garden. What to put in it
we did not know. Until we went on exchanges in Lebanon and a lady was
giving out tomato plants because she had an over abundance of them. We
had something to put in the box. We needed a cage next and so going
over to another members home we got wood and then went to another
member who helped us put it together. We then learned that Randy loves
tomatoes and this project is just coming together. We put it together
and delivered it this week and he loved it! It is something that he
can do now that we hope will give him some joy in his life. But, the
amazing part was all the miracles that happened along the way and we
could just see the Lords hand in this. It was something small for Him
but big to us and the Lord truly does give us the desire of our

One other amazing thing that has happened recently is that in the past
two weeks we have had three less actives call us and say that they
want to get re activated in the church. They called US. That just blew
us away and when we got the third call we just were speechless and
Sister Bennion and I looked at each other and were like who has been
praying about this because this just does not happen. But it did. So
let me tell you that in the last little while our stake has really
been focusing on vision. On where we want to be and part of that
vision is to split the Stake in 5 years and to do that Sweet Home has
to become two wards. In the past two weeks we have had three less
actives call us and in that time we are also focusing our efforts on
meeting this goal of splitting the ward. The Lord is in the work and
it is his vision that Sweet Home can split and so when we finally
decide to help him in his work, the miracles and the progress just
start flowing. Oregon is just blooming and I know that the Lords
vision can become reality as we put forth our efforts and faith.

I wish I had time to tell you all my thoughts but I would just like to
say that through our faith we can do all things and even great things.
Recently it has been more clear to me that a lot of the time we are
living far below our potential because we do not dare to put forth our
faith and act. We are children of our Heavenly Father which means we
each have a divine nature and destiny. We have the power to change and
ask for righteous desires and we have the promise that God will
respond. We learned from Elder Johnson that if we know the law upon
which the blessing is predicated than we can receive that blessing by
keeping that law. It is a promise to us and it will happen. This week
I would invite all of you to show forth your faith by keeping a law
and seeking the blessing, knowing that God will give it to you because
it was promised. I promise you that as you do so, your faith will
increase, you will feel closer to Christ, and you will understand more
clearly the power that you have as a Son or Daughter of God upon this
earth. I would just leave you with my testimony that I know God loves
each and every one of us and that his ultimate desire is to bring to
pass the immortality and eternal life of man so that we might have joy
and return to live in his presence.

I hope all of you have faith filled weeks!


Sister Elizondo
Salem Oregon Mission


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