First day of Summer

Dear Familia,

“Oh what a beautiful morning,” it has been today. The weather has truly been at opposite ends of the spectrum all this week but today it is beautiful. Things here in Sweet Home are going well. Sadly I had no baptisms planned for this month but the Lord has blessed us in finding new potential investigators left and right. This is a miracle to us because we had been struggling with it before. We attribute this miracle to the service that we have been doing in our area. The Lord blesses us as we serve, no matter if we are a missionary or a member. There is one baptism for next month but we have high hopes that July is a month to see some baptisms by our investigators. If that makes sense. One of our investigators has actually hit a stumbling block and it has to do with his health. He had been going so strong but he just developed some health issues that have set him back a little bit. I have been reminded a lot lately that I need to trust in the Lord’s timing and I know that whatever the Lord’s plan for him, it will all work for the best. It just takes time.
This past week about half my district got changed up because transfers occurred. In the mission, missionaries don’t stay in one area all the time, we get moved around to different areas of the state that make up our mission. We also got a new district leader and that is exciting. His name is Elder Hinton and he gave a really good training in district meeting about how to begin teaching new investigators. He broke down what it is we need to help the investigators feel and know in order to progress and for them to know why we are there. One of my favorite parts was that he talked about how our message can give people hope. The message we share about the atonement is powerful and it is the tool that people can use to change. That change can allow them to HOPE for a brighter future. For better things. I had never thought about it in that way but that is what we do for people. That is what the gospel does. It gives hope to us and everyone else in this world. Our hope isn’t something that ends with wishful thinking, it is a belief that this is possible and that what we hope for will actually happen. It turns into faith and by faith miracles are wrought (Moroni 7:37). The power of the atonement is a miracle that can occur by our faith and that is powerful. We make that choice by how much we decide to grow/strengthen our faith. No wonder it is the first principle of the gospel.
I have been studying in Moroni this past week and it has so many gems. It is amazing to realize sometimes that he almost didn’t write that book. It is truly a gift.
I have to get going but I love you all and I hope that you are having an awesome week.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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