july 18

Dear Family,

This week was amazing!!! Things here in Oregon are going great and here in Sweet Home I have seen so many miracles and tender mercies of the Lord.
We started this week with ZTM which was amazing. One of our training’s was on teach when you find and find when you teach. Sister Bennion and I went about that afternoon and put it into action and we saw the promised blessings. We were visiting a less active and we were leaving her place and walking back to our car and we talked with everyone who was outside on our way back. And the amazing part was that they were all receptive to what we had to say. Some of them said we could come back and others weren’t interested but they listened and were receptive. One of the people that we talked to was actually a former investigator that we dropped because they didn’t seem interested. But as we were walking by they called us over and she said that she had read 50 pages of the book (the Book of Mormon) that we had given her and would we be able to come back and discuss it with her. The Lord puts people in our path for a reason and it was really neat to see that when we open our mouths and talk to those people, we can reach those that God needs us to.
This week I also got to participate in a skit about King Lamoni and Ammon. In fact, I was Ammon. The primary asked us to come in and talk about missionary work during their activity of a bible study this week and so we made swords, recruited a King, and found towels that the little sheep could wear. It was fun and it was amazing to see how much the children knew about the gospel already. They helped convert the King at the end.
I also had exchanges this week and I just love exchanges! Sister Munford came to my area this time and I learned so much from her. She is so amazing and I really enjoy teaching with her because she is easy to teach with. We figured it out last time but it was really cool to see it again. We don’t know why but we just connect with teaching real easily. I love exchanges because it is a time where a missionary with a fresh viewpoint can come into your area for a day and give insight into how you can improve or things that we could try to help our area improve. Sometimes, they are just the smallest things but they make a big difference. I also love how I get to know more sisters in my zone. Exchanges are also an opportunity for a lot of personal growth and I love being able to learn how I can improve and what I want to change to become a better missionary and person.
It was a just a really great week!
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I know that through the reading of it we can receive revelation and counsel from the Lord. What a blessing personal revelation is! If you find that you are looking for an answer or struggling with something, read the scriptures. In them you will find so much comfort and the answer to what you are looking for. I can promise you that.
I hope you all have a miracle filled week!
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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