Last week of July!

Dear Familia,

Transfer calls happened this past Saturday and right now I am packing.
You read that right. I got told that I am leaving and my companion,
Sister Bennion, is staying. She will do awesome.  I can’t believe that
I have been here so long but my time has come to move on. I am just
trying to keep up with all the adventures you’re having with moving.
🙂 Being serious though, I am excited for this next step but a little
nervous. I started here and have been here for the last six months and
I have grown so much and seen so many miracles. I will be sad to go
but I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else right now. I won’t
know where I am going until tomorrow morning so next week I will be
writing you from somewhere in the Oregon Salem Mission.

This past week has been really good though. This week I had interviews
with my mission president, President Tateoka, and he asked me what I
had learned so far on my mission. They say that the way to strengthen
a testimony is by sharing it, and I found that as I shared what I
learned, I could see the change in me and how grateful I am to have
the fullness of the gospel in my life. One of the things that really
stuck out to me was about personal revelation. I just love that we can
ask God a question and he will answer. He hears us and loves us enough
to help us. It is amazing to think about.

The aspect of the gospel that I taught this week that touched me the
most was about hope. It isn’t a principle or specific topic that I
taught but as a whole. The gospel gives us hope. Or at least to me the
gospel gives me hope. In these troubling times and the unknown as a
future, to know that I have a living prophet to guide me is so
comforting. To know that as I put my trust in God, everything will
work out for the best. I shared this thought a lot this week. This is
one of the reasons why I share the gospel, because it brings me hope
and I know it can bring anyone hope as well.

I have to get back to packing but I hope you all are doing well and I
know that moving is stressful so don’t forget to take breaks and go
out for ice cream or something. I love you all a bunch and will
hopefully have more time next week.

I know this gospel is true and that it is the fullness as far as God
has revealed. I know that our living prophet President Monson was
called of God and leads us in this time. I know that the Book of
Mormon answers questions and is one of the best ways to receive
answers from God. I know that as we put our trust in God he can make
our lives great and full of joy and if you find that your getting
weighed down by the worldly things, read the scriptures and have your
hope restored.


Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

first transfer

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