August 2 – Salem

Yakwe(hello) from Pringle Ward,

Transfers happened last Tuesday and I am no longer in Sweet Home. I
was sad to leave but it was time to move on and I know that my new
area is where I need to be. Speaking of which, I am now serving in the
Pringle Ward which is in Salem South/Southeast area. It is really
different but I am getting used to it.

One thing that might interest you is the fact that when you are a
missionary in Pringle, you also are over the Marshallese group that we
are trying to make into a branch. The awesome part about that is that
I get to learn Marshallese! I wasn’t entirely sure about that when I
first heard but I am going forward with enthusiasm and determination.
I have already talked with my companion about putting up notecards all
over the apartment that put the Marshallese word with the objects
around the place. It will be awesome!

The Ward here is awesome. I met so many people on Sunday and Friday
and forgot only some of their names. I saw them on Friday because they
had a pioneer picnic and talent show and we had investigators come to

We had a miracle while walking around the other day. We met this lady
named Barbara and she said that she used to live near missionaries and
had a family member who was visited by missionaries as well. She was
open to talking to us and we ended up telling her what the Book of
Mormon was. She was so excited because she said that she had never had
anyone explain it to her. After we finished telling her about it she
was so interested in reading the book so we gave her a copy. It was
really cool and I know that God was in the work because she said that
she had just come outside for a couple minutes to get some fresh air.
The Lord truly is in the details.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Just remember that God is
in the details and he loves you all so much! I know that charity is
the pure love of Christ and that it extends to everyone, no matter
where they are in life or even what they have done. His love is
unconditional. See miracles!


Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission


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