August 15, 2016 Salem

Dear Familia,

The work is going great here in Salem. The different part about the work here in Salem is that we have a lot more interest in the gospel from the youth. We walk around a certain area and my companion either knows all the kids names or they know us. It is strange sometimes. Marshallese is going slow but I have been learning here and there and picking up on phrases in conversations. It is good though. My companion is from Brigham City, Utah. Her dad does metal work (like medieval period) and her mom does the outfits and what not. It is fun to see her family photos because they are all dressed up in olden times.
I can’t believe Elder Whiting is home. It means that it has been two years since I graduated and that seems so strange. That must be so fun for Sister Whiting though and the time just flew by. At least to me it has.
This week I got to attend a baptism for Ryan, he is in the YSA ward and he is awesome. The spirit was really strong and we were there because my companion knew him and he asked if she could come. We also had ZTM this week and that was different because it was different people. There were great training’s though and I learned a lot from it. It was really neat to hear the testimonies and power of other missionaries in my mission.
This week I also got to go to a kamam and that is a birthday party for a Marshallese child turning one. It was a good experience to see their culture and to get to know the Marshallese people better. We hung out with Sister John and her daughter Marion. I guess you could consider it funny that we got lost on our way there because we thought it was at one place but it wasn’t that one so we called our RS president and she told us that we just had to go farther down that road and we would reach it. It was good. We got there just not at the time we were planning on.
We also taught a recent converts sister this week and it is amazing to me because as we were talking with her we learned that she had prayed to God and she had already received answers to questions she had. She has gone through some tough things in her life and so she asked God why. She didn’t find a perfect answer but she received an answer and she knows now that God will answer her. We taught her the restoration and we are excited to help her learn more.
I know that this gospel is Jesus Christ’s and that he leads this church today. I know that God loves us so he gave us a prophet to guide us and lead us in these days with specific revelation for us. I know that as we heed his counsel we will be protected in our lives and I know that the Book of Mormon truly helps us find peace and comfort in our lives. I pray that we will continually turn to God in our lives and seek His will because I know that as we do, he will bless us and give us strength beyond our own to do what he needs us to.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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