August 22

Good afternoon familia,

I am doing well this week. My ward is really awesome. Bishop Decker is really involved in the ward and in missionary work. The ward members are really awesome and I have loved getting to meet all the people and get to know them. We have a lot of children as our progressing investigators right now. It is somewhat strange but really awesome to see the enthusiasm and the growth in them. We also are teaching Ed and Diane right now and they are working towards getting married and then baptized. They are both so excited and wanting to learn more about the gospel and Diane is always so prepared when we come over. We asked her to read one of the pamphlets once and we came back and she had read it all plus all the scripture references in the back and had made sure that Ed read as well. That is how awesome she is.
An interesting experience I had this week was when I was on exchanges with Sister Lancaster. She came to my area and we stayed here on bikes. Yes we both survived that Friday of 104ish degree weather as we biked around. Everything that day seemed to cancel but we saw the people the Lord needed us to see and be where he needed us to be. At the end of that day I was thinking back and was like everything canceled, what possible miracle could have happened. And then I thought one we made it through the day and Sister Lancaster was such a trooper. She rode the bike and didn’t complain and kept a positive attitude. She was awesome and helped me get through that day. But two, I changed how I thought about that day. I thought whose miracle were we that day. We happened to be in a less active/investigator Marshallese home, which so you understand we cover any Marshallese whether they are in our area or not, and we came out of their home where the person we went to see was not home and saw the Elders in that area across the street. They were trying to visit a member there to see if they could get water before heading off to their next appointment. We ended up knocking on the door again (the Marshallese home) and the member was able to give them water. I have no idea if it was a miracle to them but for me after having almost everything else cancel to know that I was able to do that little act of service for a fellow missionary, it made the day worth while. I know that we were supposed to be there at that time. Plus, everything else that I learned from Sister Lancaster that day helped me and she is an amazing missionary. I just love exchanges.
Have a great week,
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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