August 29

Dear Familia,

This week I had zone conference and it was awesome! This was the first one with President and Sister Tateoka and it was really good. We learned about how the sacrament is part of repentance and that is why it is so important that we have those looking into the gospel come to church. They need the sacrament in order to be continuously repentant, as we all do. I also learned that the one big difference in our church is the proper priesthood authority and that is what we need to share with people. That is one of the most important differences that makes our church distinct. We also talked about not giving up after the first not interested. They told us not to be pushy or overbearing but we are out there to save souls and we need to make sure that our effort matches the cause. It was really neat.
This week has been filled with miracles and most of them came after cancellations. When dealing with appointments we had a lot of them fall through but we ended up talking with a lot more people and finding some who were interested in learning more. The Lord took our willingness to keep doing the work and making the best of our circumstances and placed people in our path to talk to. Our training in the Zone Conference came in really handy for those times.
We also had a really spirit filled lesson/ miracle this week with a couple this week. Their names are Robert and Jessica and we were teaching the plan of salvation. Jessica before was not really interested in the things we were teaching but when we were going through the plan she was asking questions. She thought our viewpoint on life after death was really interesting and we also talked to them about the atonement and they said they had really never heard about that before. We are so excited to continue teaching them and sharing more of God’s plan with them.
I know that this church is true and that we were sent here to earth with a purpose. We lived with God before we came to earth and we are here to learn and grow and become more like God. There is life after death and we will all have the opportunity to hear the gospel. I know that this plan is true.
I love you all and I hope that your weeks are awesome!
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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