Election Week November 7

Dear Familia and Friends,

This week has been good. We have been working with less actives a lot this week and visiting them. That has been fun. One of the ladies that we saw is really into family history and she told us a lot about it. It was really interesting to hear about and she was very kind to us. We have also been doing a lot of organizational stuff with our areabook. We have been going through it and cleaning it up, entering addresses and information and getting rid of those with no information. It is sad but when we have no way to contact them we can’t follow up with them. We are excited to get to work this week though and visit with those that we feel we need to.
Yesterday in Relief Society we were talking about Thanksgiving and what it is really about which also lead into being grateful. One of the things that our teacher said really stuck out to me. She pointed out that in the scriptures Jesus Christ always gave thanks and then a miracle occurred. The story of Lazarus being raised from the dead was brought up and the feeding of the five thousand as well. It was super cool. She then talked about how in our lives we can apply this principle of expressing our gratitude to our Heavenly Father. She also touched on the story of the ten lepers and how only one came back to say thank you. She compared that to our lives and asked us if we always go back and thank God for those things that he gives us. It was a really powerful lesson.
This week in preparation for zone conference this week we were asked to study chapter 5 of preach my gospel. That chapter is on the Book of Mormon. One of the things that I read during my studies was this, “Those who know little or nothing about the Savior will come to know Him by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon.” That is so true. I know that as I have read the Book of Mormon that I have learned more about the nature and characteristics of God and I have grown closer to Him. I want to extend that same promise to you that as you read the Book of Mormon and ponder and pray about it, you will gain that witness of the truthfulness of the book and you will learn even more about the Savior than you could possibly imagine.
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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