September 5

Dear Familia and Friends,

Another transfer cycle has come and almost gone and I am staying where I am. Sister Lowe and I are still companions and Pringle Ward is getting a set of Elders…..I wanted to see if you had caught that. My ward is getting a second set of missionaries and they are both Marshallese Elders. It is super cool and I am excited to see how this will work out. I also heard that my last area may be getting a second set of missionaries soon which I am super excited about!
This week we had a really awesome lesson with one of our investigators named Robert and his wife Jess. They are a super sweet couple. It was really neat because at the end we were talking with Robert and he was talking about how when we go through hard things we can grow and learn so much. He was telling about how things in his life unfolded and how if they hadn’t worked out that way, he would have been a very different person. It was really awesome to see him recognize that even though we have hard things in our lives, good things can come from them.
We also had a rare experience this week when we were teaching someone named Bill. He is the uncle to one of the girls we have on date and we started talking with him the other week and have set up lessons to come and teach him more actually. We were on the plan of salvation and we hadn’t even started the lesson and me and my companion both felt like we needed to invite him to be baptized. So we did. He said he would think about it and as we went through the lesson we tried to focus on how getting baptized applied to the things we were teaching. It was really cool. We don’t know why we needed to ask but we did and he is going to pray about it this week. He also asks awesome questions about the gospel and what we are teaching in general which is awesome because then he understands more and we can understand where he is too. It was just awesome all around.
Also, we have a baptism this week with Patrina (Bill is her uncle) and she is so excited. She loves church and she is excited to invite all her family to the baptism. We are doing our best to make sure she is ready for her baptism and getting everything in order. It is crazy but we are excited and Sister Lowe was really excited that she was able to stay for her baptism. She has been here since the beginning with her.
We also had one for next week but that one will have to get set back. She isn’t ready and we have been having a hard time meeting with her. Super excited for school to start this week though because that means more set schedule. Yes, it is true as a missionary school is one of your greatest friends (at least at elementary age).
Anyways, I hope you are all having fantastic weeks and enjoying Labor Day!
Love you all,
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission
1. Our Zone before transfers  2. Got Cheerios for being good walkers 3. A lady at church gave us the puzzle and we couldn’t resist!

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