October 31, 2016

Good Afternoon Familia,

This week has been really good. The work here in Pringle is going well. Recently me and my companion have felt like we need to focus on the less actives in our ward and even the actives. We split up the less actives with the Elders in our ward and we are going to try and contact all of them and see who is interested in coming back and seeing if they are all still there. We have also been doing a lot of service lately and want to continue doing so with the members and even the non members in our area. We feel like right now we can be most effective by strengthening our ward through bringing those back who have drifted away. We are super excited about it and have received a lot of revelation in how to go about doing it. It has been really neat.
My companion is Sister Mickelson and she is from Springville, Utah. She grew up mostly in Vegas but before her senior year of high school her family moved to Utah.
I can’t remember if I told you but we had gotten the okay to do the Marshallese group and the group leader has been going out and visiting people and getting them involved. He is on fire and they are really excited. Our next step that we are working towards is a branch but that might take a little longer. But it was a step, a big step! Funny story, one of our recent converts, Patrina, lives with her grandparents who are less actives. So yesterday we had an appointment and when we went by we were the third “missionaries” there that day. Their home teachers had been by first, then the Elders, then us and while we were there the Marshallese group leader and some of the other brethren showed up. Brother Harry just said he was vary lucky and me and my companion afterwards just said that the Lord really had a message for this family. He wants them back.
This week we have also been doing a lot of finding because a lot of the people we are teaching aren’t solid and in reality aren’t ready to progress. So we have been out looking for more people and talking to people. It has been interesting.
We had our ward harvest festival this past Friday and that was really fun. We were super excited because we had invited a lot of people to it and none of them ended up coming. Part of it was due to traffic construction that they just had to do that evening that backed up the streets all day. But there were people there and it was really fun. Me and my companion tried to dress up as much as we could but no one got it. That’s okay, we tried. I was supposed to be the “senior” companion and she was the greenie. It was great.
I know this gospel is true and that the Lord is very much aware of his children. He knows who we are and he has a plan for all of us. His love for us is real and he is putting all his efforts into helping them come unto Him.
I hope you all have a fantastic week and Happy Halloween!!!!!! Be safe out there. 🙂
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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