October 10

Dear Familia,

I did receive both of the boxes you sent. I loved them both and I appreciated all the quotes and the thougt into it. The weeks do seem to be flying by. This month I hit my nine month mark! I can’t believe it. And this transfer is almost up so changes are in the air along with the change of season.
I had interviews with my mission president this past weekend and it was good. For interviews President and Sister Tateoka have us meet with both of them. It is really cool and I love talking with them both. They are wonderful people and they just make me so happy.
The only funny thing I can think of has to do with one of the pictures that I sent you. It has to do with hot chocolate and how we realized that we had no glass cups so we heated water on the stove and then used a jar and bowl to drink it. It was pretty great.
The ward is great and we have been getting ready for the holiday events and it has been really cool because we have been having many families becoming active again. Bike riding is going well as well we just are flipping how we do things because it gets darker so much earlier so we are planning on having language study in the evening and getting out earlier in the day. It will be much more productive. Miracles. We had a less active that Sister Lowe has been working with her whole time here (9 months) come to church this past Sunday! It was so cool. He went to the wrong ward but he went! It was so awesome. Our Bishop and RS President were both really excited about it because they have both worked with them. We also had a really awesome experience with one of our investigators named Robert. We invited him and his family to conference and they weren’t able to come but he watched some of them during the week and he really liked it. It was awesome!! He even told his wife that it was really cool and we have to follow up but we hope that she was able to watch some too. We are hoping to set them on date today. They already accepted a soft invitation of baptism we just have to set the date. Their family is awesome and we are so excited to continue teaching them and seeing their light grow.
Thanks mom for the advice. It is true that as a missionary we can see ourselves very clearly. It is a strange experience sometimes but I have been able to see those small changes as I reflect on where I began and where I am now. I really loved the conference talk about if we must compare to compare to where we were and where we are now.
I love you all! I know that this gospel is true and that by living the principles that it teaches us in our lives we can find joy beyond measure and that we will feel closer to God. Continue on in the faith and remember that God is always waiting for us to come unto Him and help us along.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

Dinner at a members house. She had Halloween decorations and we couldn’t resist. It is her granddaughter in the picture with us.

This is what happens when you want hot chocolate and realize that you don’t have any glass cups in the apartment……..it still tasted really good.

This was our flower making activity for the center pieces for our harvest festival this upcoming weekend. There were more sisters but I didn’t take any of those pictures. From left to right it is Sister Lowe, Sister John, Marina, and Dolly.


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