September 26

1.This is on exchanges when we were waiting for a train. I can’t believe I wasn’t looking at the camera. This is Sister Munford who is so awesome and I love her so much. Third time I have been on exchanges with her which is rare. Super fun though.

2.This is the train. It was in Albany and apparently they are always waiting on trains. 🙂
3. ZTM! Super awesome and lots of revelation received.

4. So this is emails today and my companion needed a six picture because we have been out six transfers. Enjoy.

Dear Familia and Friends,

Things here in Salem are awesome! Last week was a rough week but apparently it was all around. This past week though was so much better and we saw many miracles. I had exchanges this week which I always love and I learned lots. This was my third time of going on exchanges with Sister Munford and I just love her so much. She is an amazing missionary. We were talking and she said that she would be out until I hit my year mark but she will go home like right after. That is kind of sad but super exciting too. I have ten months left of my mission, which means I have been out 8 months. Figured that out the other day and I can’t quite believe it. That is so crazy but awesome to me. I love being out here.
We had ZTM on Friday and it was super powerful. The main topic was obedience because with our new mission president we have some new rules and standards and some of them are hard to understand why. We were taught about how we need to pray and ask for a confirmation that what he has asked is right. One of my leaders also said that the Lord doesn’t really care about the things that we are asked not to do but about if we are obedient to what he asks. It is a test just like the rest of our life. It was really neat.
That also ties into my relief society lesson on Sunday which was on Elder Oaks talk on Opposition and she talked about adversity. One of the sisters talked about how we aren’t supposed to love this life but rather yearn for and want the life to come. This is a place prepared for us to learn and grow but our ultimate goal is eternal life. That is where we want to be. I had never thought about it in that way and thought that was really interesting. We are here to learn obedience because what the Lord asks us to do here on earth is preparing us for how we are going to live in heaven.
I also learned something very powerful this week. I read a talk this past week about the fourth missionary and it talks about the difference between nature and behavior. I had been struggling with becoming who I wanted to be and dealing with the person I still was. I had been pondering for awhile why I could not reach that goal, reach that better person and why it was so hard. It dawned on me just a couple days ago, which proves that sometimes answers to prayers take time, that it was so hard because I was only trying to change my behavior rather than my nature. When the test came that Heavenly Father had for me I felt like it was so hard because up to that point I had only changed my behavior, not my nature. I felt like I was getting the same test and every time I was falling short. So I decided right then and there that I was going to change my nature. So I have been trying my best to make that change and I have been happier and the work has been easier to do. The circumstances haven’t changed and the work is still demanding but the way that I approach it and deal with it has changed and it makes it easier. The Lord’s way is truly the best way and I am glad that the Lord answered my question and answered my prayer.
I know that God answers all the prayers of his children and that no matter how long it may take he answers them. They come. If you turn to God he will turn to you and that I know with a surety.
Love you all,
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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