Beginning April on a Spiritual High April 3, 2017

Dear Familia and Friends,

Transfers fall on some strange days and we got our calls about transfers on April Fools. Sister Judd and I were positive that we would be staying together for another transfer but the Lord had other plans. Sister Judd is going to Amity and I am staying here in Brownsville. My new companion will be Sister Phelon. As my companion described it (because they were MTC companions) you pay a fee for the lawn. Phelon. There you go. Don’t forget.
Transfers aside, this week was awesome. I loved general conference and I learned so much from all of the speakers. I loved President Monson’s especially because he spoke about making sure that the Book of Mormon is a part of our lives and that we make sure to keep our testimonies alive by feasting from its pages daily. I loved that so much because in my life I have seen the influence that daily scripture study has in my life and I love it. It brings peace and added resources for contending with the things that come up during the day. I can tell now when I miss a day and if I miss in the morning I try to read in the evening. Feast upon the Book of Mormon because in those pages we find Christ.
Also, the new Easter message (#princeofpeace) was released on Friday and it is awesome! If you haven’t seen it yet I would encourage you to do so and then also watch the videos on the Principles of Peace that go along with it. They are amazing. As we go into this time where we celebrate the life of our Savior let us remember the amazing gift that he gave us. Resurrection and the joy of seeing our departed family members again someday. It reminds me of conference and our leaders encouraging us to bring The Living Christ into our studies. I will say that that is a powerful document and the truths that it states within it are amazing. Cherish those truths.
I hope you all enjoyed conference and were able to participate in Saturday’s session of sustaining and supporting our prophet, apostles, and other church leaders. I love the Saturday session because of that. Also, that you were able to listen to President Monson’s talk on Sunday morning. It was amazing!
I know that this gospel was restored to its fullness through Joseph Smith by God.I know that we have a living prophet today, President Monson and that he truly receives revelation from God for all of us to protect and direct us in these days. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, that is testifies of Christ and that it truly does invite us to come unto Christ.
I love you all and hope you see miracles this week as you strive to follow the counsel that our inspired leaders shared with us this past weekend.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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