December 13, 2016

Dear Familia and Friends,

This week has been just the beginning of the Christmas season and it has been awesome. I had my ward Christmas breakfast on this past Saturday and that was really fun.. We had a great turnout and me and my companion got to introduce ourselves to some of the new move ins and get to know them better. There was also a Christmas musical devotional last night and it was amazing. It brought the spirit so strongly and it truly started feeling like Christmas.
This week was somewhat strange because my companion got invited to MLC this past week and on Thursday I spent the day with the YSA sisters. It was weird but I had fun. It was mostly weekly planning though so I didn’t get to explore some of their area. We were going to go heart attack some one in their ward but that was the day that it snowed and both of them are from Arizona. They had never driven in snow and it was really interesting. I loved that time though that I had to hang out with them because Sister Hanna and Sister Hart are amazing and Sister Hanna is going home this transfer. One of the big things that happened at this MLC though was that a change has been made to our mission with technology. We are now able to use skype and facetime to have lessons with members! We are really excited to get this going and with technology being a big connector today we are excited to see the difference it will make in helping our investigators progress.
I also read the whole book of Mosiah this past week and that was really cool. It covers so much but it shows the power of God in the lives of people and how much he cares and helps them in their trials. It also shows how the Lord is so merciful and helps his people find his gospel. I love the Book of Mormon so much.
That is all I really have time for today but I hope that you all have a good week and continue to spread the spirit of Christ this Christmas season. By the way, today is Jesus Taught Others and So Can You! Hope you have fun.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission


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