December 19, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week it decided to snow in Oregon on Wednesday. It continued
snowing on Thursday and I am pretty sure there were still flurries on
Friday. Snow equals lots of walking and me and my companion calculated
for at least two days this week we walked around nine miles. Good
times. On Thursday I was super excited because we went caroling at the
hospital as a district. We went around to different places and sang
and it was really cool to be able to see the joy it brought to people
and how it brought smiles to people’s faces.

On Friday our ZTM was moved because our cars were grounded so we had
district meeting instead and made waffles and then we talked about
Christmas traditions and read the story of Christ’s birth in Luke. It
was really cool. We also had a lesson with some of our investigators
and they are getting married! I am so excited because they have come
so far and after they are married they can get baptized. They are
planning to be married by the end of the year! Super exciting.

Funny story: Me and my companion were walking to our dinner
appointment which was up a big hill in our area. It was really awesome
because Sister Mickelson paused to gain her footing and she just
started sliding. There was no traction she couldn’t make headway. So I
stepped on the other side of the curb and braced myself to pull her
up. It was great. We hadn’t even started up the hill actually, we were
getting out of the jack in the box parking lot. It was really funny.

Anyways, on Sunday we met with a less active in our Ward and she is
the sweetest lady. She has a son who is very active and he has some of
the cutest kids she tells us stories about them. She has a good heart
and just some things that came up that got in the way but she believes
in God. She has a one of a kind personality and I absolutely love her
because of it. She says it like it is and then she is so big on her
family. Sometimes those in our life who have strayed aren’t as far
away as we think. They are rather close and have a great capacity of

I know that Jesus Christ lives and that because of his sacrifice we
have the chance to change and become better. I hope you all have a
Merry Christmas and think of Christ and his gift this season. Love you

Sister Elizondo
Salem Oregon Mission


It snowed and this is when we had just gotten home! It was still
snowing when we took this picture and this was Thursday.


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