December is here! December 5, 2016

Dear Familia,

This week has been really awesome! It was filled with service and lots of walking. We participated in our stakes nativity festival this week which was awesome. The first night we were ushers and welcomed people to the event. That was cool. The next day we got asked as a zone, to carol for the elderly. They had a special event and we sang a bunch of Christmas Hymns and childrens songs. It was way fun. The spirit was so strong and that is where the picture came from. That evening we were in the children’s room which was a bunch of activities for the kids. It was really neat and we even got to dress up in period clothing. IT was great and it was as my companion was writing that we realized we didn’t take any pictures. So, sorry about that. The last night we were shepherdess’ and told the story of how the angel appeared to us in our fields and then we went and found the Son of God, Jesus Christ. It was really neat. The sheep looked really awesome too. I think I have a picture of them. Afterwards, we helped take down so that it could all be ready for church the next day. It was really awesome to see it all come down and go back to normal. I feel so blessed that I am serving in Salem and was able to participate in this event. The nativities were really awesome to see. They were donated by the members for this event and there were some from all over the world. There was even a lego one. And a dinosaur one. That was a fun one.
I was reading in Omni this past week and that book, although it is like two and a half pages, is jammed pack of amazing things. It took me two studies to get through it. It talks about King Mosiah (the first one) and goes through his reign and how they met the people of Zarahemla and then it even brings in the Jaredites. And then it talks about their day in a very compact way but it parallels our day so well and it is crazy. And it even tells about the people of Zeniff. It is so awesome and I loved it. The scriptures are so amazing and they are filled with the words of God so much that you can’t take them in all at once and that is why we read them over and over again. I love this book so much!
I hope you all are having a great week and that you have gotten into # light the world. It is a great thing to do and service truly brings us closer to God and to our families. You don’t have to follow their ideas though. If you have things that you do for service than do those. The point is to serve and see the blessings that come. I was in the beginning of Mosiah and I believe it is in chapter 2 and it talks about how if we keep the commandments we are blessed. That is a promise. And then, to make it better it says immediately. Not later, or in ten years down the road, it says immediately. God is wanting and waiting to bless us and I know that as we serve then we are blessed.
Love you all,
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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