I love Easter Sunday! April 17, 2017

Dear Familia and Friends,

This week has been really awesome. I don’t have too much time today but Sister Phelon and I have been able to see the Lord’s tender mercies a lot this week. We were really excited yesterday because we had 7 non members at church. It was awesome because many of them were family members of branch members. It was really awesome to see that and the number of less actives that came was amazing too.
Later that day we had a member text us and say her friend, who had come to church that day, was interested in learning more and wanted to set up a lesson with us. Member missionary work is awesome! I have found in the Brownsville Branch that many of the youth invite their friends to activities and to church and they come. I love it. They are such a great example and they are making an impact in their friends lives. The members here are really awesome too and missionary minded. They are constantly looking for ways to share the gospel with their friends. Sister Phelon and I feel that the Lord has much in store for this area and we are just seeing the beginning’s of it.
I have to go but I just wanted to testify to all of you that I know Jesus died on the cross but that he rose from the grave on the third day. I know that because of his resurrection we not only will be resurrected and have a perfect body after we die someday, but that all things that are broken can be made whole through Him. I know that Heavenly Father created a plan because he loves us and part of that plan was Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Easter may have been a man made holiday but one of the members here pointed out that Christmas and Easter are about 6 months apart. We are reminded to think of Jesus in both of those events. It is to remember Him. I thought that was really cool.
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission
P.S. If you didn’t get to watch the Easter video that the church released I would encourage you to do so. It was quite powerful and the Principle of Peace videos are really great too. 🙂

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