March 20, 2017 Green was in. . .

Dear Familia and Friends,

This week was filled with green. Let me explain. My mission is a technology mission and because of that we have tablets that have our area book on it. It comes in a nifty app. The color set for finding people (like contacting potentials, former’s, knocking doors,etc.) is green and this week is filled with green. Sister Judd and I have been going through our area book contacting those that we felt we should from our potentials, which are those who missionaries have met in the past and the person showed interest, and our former’s, which are those who were taught by missionaries but were dropped because they no longer were progressing or no longer were interested. Sadly, the field was not white in many of those we tried contacting this week but we now know that they are not ready and can move to those who are ‘white and ready to harvest.’ (That was paraphrased). At the beginning of my mission finding was not my favorite thing to do but as I have been out longer I have found a certain love for it. I get to meet many good people, many that are Christian some that aren’t, and talk with them about Christ. Or at least try to. I get to have some really awkward door conversations and even more awkward phone conversations (for those in our area book that only have a phone number) but somehow I have grown to love it. I can’t pinpoint when the change happened but I love those moments. Now, don’t get me wrong. It is still hard when I come across those who aren’t so nice when they tell you they would rather you not come around again but it was worth it. I was reading something this week that said that our purpose as missionaries is to open our mouths and tell as many people as possible about Christ and His message. And that is what I get to do in finding.
But with all this finding I have been able to see the Lord guiding us to people that we needed to see. Which means that we prayed a lot. One thing I think we can all agree on is that missionaries pray a lot. And when you find that another appointment has cancelled or that you just have a couple minutes left until you have to get to another appointment you pray. Or at least that is what Sister Judd and I have been trying to do more. Making sure that we seek the Lord’s will on how we spend His time. And in many instances this week I have seen the benefit of first seeking His will and then going to do the work. We contacted a potential within minutes of her getting home on one occasion and on another we were led to a less active that we were able to visit with and testify of the power of scriptures in her life. We did not see might miracles of mountains moving or the waters parting but we saw that God does care and he knows what we do not.
The power of prayer is real. I don’t know how many times this has come up in the past three weeks but apparently the Lord needs this message to be heard. He is there, he hears our prayers, and if we are willing to listen he can answer those prayers too. Prayer is the way we communicate with God and what a wonderful gift that is to us. And I will add that there are many times on my mission that I have prayed for something or someone and I have seen that prayer fulfilled. It amazes me every single time and sometimes, I’ll admit, I think was that just a coincidence or is this real? But it is real. God can do anything and as we trust in Him and His timing, we will see all the promises we have been given fulfilled.
I love this gospel and I know that it is true and that this church has the fullness of Christ’s teachings. If you don’t know this and you would like to I would encourage you to ask God in prayer and you will receive an answer.
I hope you all see miracles this week!
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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