March 6, 2017 Brownsville


This picture was sent from a member in Oregon.

darcie and comp jan 17  Dear Familia and Friends,

Another week has come and gone and with it came the wind. It is very rude actually. But I guess since the groundhog saw its shadow winter just had to stick around for another six weeks. (sigh)
Putting that behind us, this week has been really good. I love the people here in Brownsville. I got to meet more members and they are all so amazing. I also got to meet an investigator who has a New Orleans accent. Her name is Pattie and she is one cool lady. She was out of town until this past Friday but we were able to see her yesterday and she is a strong spirit. She has come through a lot of trials but she still has that firm faith in Jesus Christ and that is amazing to see. I kept hearing about her from the members and my companion but I finally got to put the name to a face and I am really excited to get to know her more.
I also got to meet Seth. Seth had been looking into the church before but for a little while the missionaries couldn’t get in contact with him. This past week though he called us up and asked if he could meet with us. He is another one who has a had a rough life, but I have found that as I have been out that everyone has their different struggles and trials but the Lord is very much aware of them and when we enter their lives it is usually in answer to them reaching out for help. And the gospel is such an amazing thing that it covers all the walks of life because it is a pattern which we live after. Anyways, we were able to meet with Seth and he is an amazing young man. He recognizes that he has to put in the effort to find for himself if what we are teaching him is true. I will just have to wait and see where it goes with him because I feel that in this case it depends very much on his decision to let the Lord in. He has that choice, that use of agency and I hope that he will let it change him.
I also had a Zone Training Meeting this week and that was really fun. It was strange though being back with other sisters because in my last zone me and my companion were the only sisters. We talked about having faith as we are going out as missionaries and knowing that God will lead and direct us if we show him that faith. We also talked about being joyful missionaries because our message is one of happiness and if we aren’t happy, who is going to believe in our message. It was a good reminder. I just love zone meetings because it seems that we all have the same problems but here we can address them and figure out solutions to overcoming these stumbling blocks. I got a lot of insight this week from ZTM.
I almost forgot but something really exciting happened for me this week. One of the things that we do in Brownsville to serve the community is volunteer at the library so for the first time in about thirteen months I finally got to step into a library! It was so exciting because I am an avid reader and the library is one of my favorite places to be. It was really awesome and I am looking forward to going back and serving there every week. Don’t worry though, I didn’t read or plan to read any of the books there. Just help in whatever way I can. Reading back over this I bet some of you were thinking that I was going to say that I turned 21 this week which also did happen and I got a milkshake. It was a good birthday.
I know that Heavenly Father gives us answers to our prayers and our pleas for guidance. It may not happen in our time though, it will always happen in His. But I know that they come. I also know that I haven’t gotten answers to some things in my life but I have faith that those will come too. I know that by focusing on the basics in our lives we can become more at peace with ourselves and with those around us. The world gets so distracting sometimes but when we remove those distractions and replace them with the simple ways of the gospel, we find Jesus Christ as our foundation and that everything else falls into place.
I love you all and hope that you find that the simpleness of the gospel is enough and the best way to live.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission
(I am missing the end of January and February – don’t know what button I hit wrong – Mom)

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