Thanksgiving November 24, 2016

I am doing well! My Thanksgiving is going pretty good. We have been able to get a lot done today which is good. This past week has been really weird but interesting because Sister Mickelson and I were sick. I was for the first part of the week and then she just got over the last effects on Monday. But we did see miracles in the week. On Wednesday we were walking to a members house to get a ride and we were passing by a house that was a referral but we had dropped because we couldn’t contact them. There was lights on though so we decided to try it and met Glatis. It was super awesome and she can’t meet until next week but it was a tender mercy. We have actually gotten quite a few referrals that have given us new investigators which has been awesome because Sister Mickelson and I have been working to find new people to teach because we went through our areabook and dropped a lot of people who weren’t progressing or interested and are starting out with a more focused group and room for more people to teach. It has been really neat to see the way the Lord works and blesses those who are doing his work. I also got to visit many less actives that we have been trying to for awhile and that was super awesome. We have accomplished so much and feel so much better. When we were sick we could only get so much done because we didn’t want to get everyone else sick and now that we are over it we are going forward with as much energy that we can.
We also had a miracle when we were trying to contact a potential this week that lived on the same street as a less active that we had been trying to meet with. The potential wasn’t home but the less active was outside and we ended up having a really good conversation with her and she invited us back. It was awesome. We are so excited because so much has happened that we knew about this family and we met her brother and a member in our ward had just talked about them. They are open for the gospel and I am so excited to see where this will go.
Overall this has been a long but miracle filled week and there has been so much happening that I can’t wait to see where this area will be in the coming months. However, I guess I should mention that transfer calls are this weekend and transfers are next week so change is in the air.
I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving! I will talk with you more next week! On Monday, it is back to normal again.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

district meeting Nov 2016


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