The wind was really strong on Friday. . . April 10, 2017

Dear Familia and Friends,

This week has been up and down and all about. 🙂 I got a new companion and her name is Sister Phelon. She is pretty awesome and I am excited to see all that we can accomplish together.
My whole district actually got shook up and one of the crazy things for me is that one of my past areas, Sweet Home, just got whitewashed this transfer. That means that the missionaries there were both taken out and two new ones put in. And this time it was Sisters they took out and Elders that they put in. I am excited to see how these Elders can help the area and see the miracles that come. On my district meeting on Friday I was really excited about all of the new missionaries that I got in  my district and I am really excited to get to serve around them. They all seem amazing. Also, it is really cool because one of the Sisters that I came out with that I haven’t got to serve around since is now serving in Lebanon so I am excited about that.
Brownsville has been doing awesome. I love the members here. And those that we are teaching. There is one lady that we are teaching and her name is Pattie. She has come a long ways and this week it was super exciting because usually we call her to remind her about church but this past Sunday we forgot until the meeting had started and we thought she might not come but she did! It was awesome! The members have really taken her in and then, one of the families in our ward has started a break the fast activity every fast Sunday and we invited her to that and she came! She even brought her daughter. It was really awesome to see that.
Then there is Olivia. Olivia has such a strong testimony of the gospel but she just has some things holding her back from coming to church. We had a lesson with her yesterday, which was a miracle, and she was talking to us and while she was talking we were trying to figure out what was keeping her from progressing. And she basically told us right then and there. Answer to our prayers, the Lord really wants her to progress. We now are striving to help her overcome these things.
Other than that we have just been doing a lot of finding and phone contacting, which had some really interesting conversations, and some possible leads from members of friends that might be interested in taking the discussions.
On a different note, Easter is next week! Can you believe it? Time flies so fast and I am so excited for Easter. I hope that as we all prepare and remember that Christ rose on the third day and that he does live we can find that our testimonies are strengthened. I know that Jesus Christ does live and that he truly overcame death so that we can too someday. I love this gospel!
I hope you all have a fantastic week and that you are able to share the message of our risen Savior with your friends and family.
Sister Elizondo
Oregon Salem Mission

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